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Who this?

Simon Dodson is a graduated media professional with 15 years’ experience in online media, data systems, broadcasting platforms and distribution from print, radio, digital, online, and has lead online broadcasting mediums and digital content strategy within large enterprise publishers and on-line networks.

What he do?

Simon’s primary area of expertise is in data systems collection, content production, user modelling, behaviour an experience, media curation, live preparation, editorial, data analysis, rich media narratives and has developed industry first learning tools and software within the government’s e-learning business.
With a solid understanding of the media landscape and its challenges that the market experiences.
Simon brings a huge amount of media knowledge to the business.
While professionally sound.

What he like?

Simon has spent most his adult life working in and with video and music artists, active in all areas and is a sound and capable music and full media producer.

Where he at?